Breeder Referral
Bringing a dog into your life should mean you are committed to giving a good home to the dog for its entire life, possibly up to 20 years. So be sure you are ready to make that commitment, and take the time to find the right dog to bring joy to your life.

If you are considering purchasing a purebred puppy, we strongly urge you to contact the Lebanon County Kennel Club's FREE Breeder Referral service which can connect you with reputable breeders to locate a healthy, selectively-bred family companion or show dog. You might also consider adopting an adult purebred dog. 

The Lebanon County Kennel Club can supply information concerning the many Breed Rescue groups which can match you with a purebred adult dog.

Through our fund-raisers, we have supported the Humane Society of Lebanon County and many purebred rescues in their efforts to place abandoned and unwanted dogs in good homes.

The American Kennel Club web site has lists of breed specific clubs and contact information. It also has a complete list of AKC recognized breeds. 

For breeder information and hints on buying a puppy contact Terina Chernich at SouthMtnGSPs@aol.com or call (717) 865-4008.